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Project Description
This application allows a user to keep a record of their blood pressure readings (inc heart rate). Currently this is written as a Win32/64 application using .NET Framework 3.5 or newer; however a Web version is planned.
This allows the user the user to export a pdf copy of their readings to that they can advise the doctor of their progress.

The program is very easy to use.

Currently it is embryonic; over time there are a lot of automation features to be added; as well as interop with selected hardware for automated measurement.

As of the Version 1.0RC release; the system can create new or edit existing blood pressure monitor data files; it can export your blood pressure readings to a PDF file that you can print and provide to doctors should you so wish.

The final 1.0 release (scheduled for late November 2008); will provide rudimentary graphing on your blood pressure data; and allow you to determine trends in your measurements; effectively providing information on whether medication is effectively controling your blood pressure or not (as the case may be); this can be useful when visiting your doctor and diagnosing your blood pressure.

For the PDF generation this project makes use of the iTextSharp library.

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